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Incoming Calls Glowing Phone Case

Incoming Calls Glowing Phone Case

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Product Information:
Style: Rear cover type
Material: tempered glass
Craft: Color painting
Style: Retro
Description: Compatible with Apple, excluding Apple products

Introduction of luminescence principle:
1. When the phone case connector is inserted into the phone for the first time, it will shine for 3-5 minutes, which means that the phone case is automatically adapted to the phone;
2. The phone case will automatically light up when the screen is lit up/incoming call /app is pushed;
3. After the screen is turned off, there is a slight delay to turn off the light of the phone case. If there is app running in the background, the light will be delayed off, and occasionally the light will be triggered.
4. If the mobile phone Bluetooth is always on, it may cause the mobile phone case to be steady on. The ultra-energy-saving led light source consumes very little power and does not affect the battery life of the mobile phone.

Packing list:

Mobile phone case *1

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